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24 September 2008


Today I am 30. I've gotten an ecard from my friend, $20 from my mom, some other comments on myspace from friends, like 60 comments from strangers on sparkpeople and that is all.

13 September 2008

major update

Okay so on the book front I've been having a hard time getting my head back in it since I got well. I've done a bit of research in the last week, about 7 hours worth and plan to sit down later today with the massive list of webpages I came up with in that research and look at them for a few hours and HOPEFULLY write for about an hour or so. The story hasn't stopped flowing in my head. I swear people must think I am crazy because I talk to myself a lot. I speak some dialogue I'd like to use outloud at times, mostly in the car or doing laundry or dishes.

Okay on the personal front, I'll be 30 in 11 days. All I want to do for my birthday is go ALONE to see the Rent Live On Broadway movie that opens that day. I love Rent, it's my favorite movie and has some of the most beautiful songs, which I am actually listening to now. I don't think I could bear not seeing it.

Anyway, I've decided to get really really serious about my weight now. I'm just not healthy and that makes me sad for myself. When I was younger I wasn't good about my diet but at least I was thinner. Physically my doctor says my only health issues are my fibromyalgia and any residual asthma I have from smoking but I haven't had problems in over a year. I am so glad of that because not being able to breathe is the worst feeling I've ever had. I have decided to lose a very significant amount of weight and if you are here from sparkpeople you can see how much that weight is but I don't think I'll share specifics of it here right now because I'm just not ready for that.

I've been watching my calories a lot better, trying to cut out bad for me snacks, soda and such. Yesterday I met my protein needs for the first time EVER that I can think of. I totally blew my calories because my husband brought home Arby's and I was weak. I have been looking for someone who is around as much as I am to help me with my resolve but I haven't found my 'buddy' yet. I have friends who are going through the weight loss thing as well but not like I'm doing. I am debating doing Walk away the Pounds this afternoon or going for my walk around town today. I mapped a route using google that takes me for a 1.7 mile walk around town. I cover almost the entire town. I live in a super small town. I'm 10 minutes from downtown Cincinnati, Ohio but mail is not delivered to your house, we have 1 police officer. The town is basically 6 blocks long and 3 blocks wide. Our school here houses pre-12 in 1 building. The graduating classes are usually less than 30, mostly less than 20. It's insanity how small it is at times. The woman at the phone company said 'what is it Mayberry?' I think I should have told her no because Mayberry had 2 cops.

Well I think I'm going to get some emails read and finish my housework for the weekend.