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12 October 2009

very belated update

So things have been going well I suppose. I haven't really been writing but I've been plotting out a wonderful story to possibly work on for NaNoWriMo. I am considering holding off and working on my existing WIP. I've gotten a laptop and now have a lot more freedom to work than I previously had.

I had a slightly upsetting experience yesterday. I had sent a chunk of my WIP to a fellow writer and asked her to give me input only on content and not on editing as this was my rough 1st draft. All I wanted was input on whether the bones were good. I've sent it to friends and family who all rave that it's wonderful but they love me and I honestly worry I would not get poor feedback even if it were justified. I did not get what I asked for. Instead she edited it...poorly. The edits would make it completely unreadable as she is very comma happy and keeps telling me to make it less passive. I didn't ask for edits. I know how to edit and I know proper use of commas. I write professional documents for a living and have to edit them. I think my job makes me qualified to determine proper placement in a book. I'm sure I'll make mistakes but seriously...her edits would make any agent laugh me away. I don't know if she did this in an effort to sabotage my writing or if she honestly thinks that is the way it is supposed to be. I don't know her apart from twitter but I'm hurt by it. I asked for something simple and got a complicated mess.

Part of me thinks I shouldn't post this in case she reads it but I really need to get my feelings out there before I become angry instead of hurt.