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29 June 2008

partially off topic

So after a rousing marathon of the first series of Robin Hood I had a bit of inspiration and wrote a few pages, deleted half and wrote a bit more. That is not what this post is for though.

I've made a goal for myself. I currently weigh a lot more than I would like to. I have a bit under 90 days to go until I turn 30. I would like to set a primary goal of losing 20 pounds in that time. I think I could likely lose a bit more but I will settle for 20. I belong to a gym and I will be going and when I don't go I will be utilizing Jillian Michael's 30 day shred and have requested Walk away the pounds from the library to use that too. I'm tired of being a big girl. I will do this because I can't spend the rest of my life pushing this goal off repeatedly.

21 June 2008

another drastic change

So I once again find myself in a place where all my plans for the book have changed so much that what I have is pretty obsolete. Changes to careers and locations. The basic idea of the story remains much the same but things have changed to try to make them more realistic I hope. Hard to be 100% realistic when you're writing about a foreign country you've never been to and trying to work out international law in the midst of it. I'll do my best and muddle through but if it's not 100% don't poke fun.

17 June 2008


So I have used the Opera browser on my PC for approximately 2 years. In my time, 4 years, as a medical transcriptionist I've collected a VERY large amount of bookmarks, both personal and work related. In my time working on this book I've collected a lot related to it as well. 537 bookmarks in total to be exact. Now on with the story.

Yesterday I opened my browser for some reason and it offered me to update my Opera 9.27 to Opera 9.5 and I accepted, immediately regretting it due to the appearance. I went about my day and several hours went by and I opened it to read whole page was black and grouped on top of itself and it just looked horrid. So I managed to locate my bookmark file which is saved with an adr extension with opera and I put it on my desktop and uninstalled opera, reinstalled 9.27 and it would never open, numerous reboots offered no assistance. I attempted to do this twice rebooting every time. I think attempted to import my bookmarks to IE but of course it did not recognize the extension. I downloaded Firefox in an attempt to import it there so I could then import to luck. I finally had to download a program to convert and import them for me. I finally got all instances of Opera off my PC and took Firefox off too. I'll just have to force myself to use IE instead of Opera. Anyway, long story short is that I hate IE.

15 June 2008


So last night I did quite a lot, I finished sorting out all the research materials I have and they are now in binders on my desk in easy reach.  I do need to better organize them by country but that's just my OCD I guess.  I also did 6 pages in my journal.  I charted out some new directions for the characters to go and made some changes, especially to the men in the book.  I've worked on the timeline a bit and written a bit more but not enough to really justify changing my little caveman yet.

11 June 2008

03 June 2008


This is the way I do my journal.  I cut pictures and phrases and maps and whatever I find inspiring out of travel guides.  This is my Italy page.  I need to get a glue stick instead of my kids leftover Elmer's and I'd be able to move on much more effectively.  I also pencil in helpful information like slang and recipes I want to try, songs that inspire me.

02 June 2008


Take a look at this photo and tell me if you can't see why I might be drawn to such a place.


Well I spent over an hour working on my journal yesterday and still am not even close to complete on it.  I'm awaiting a package that should assist with it but I don't know when I will receive that.  I am not sure I'll ever complete this but hey as long as it is never done I'll forever remain inspired.  Maybe I'll write a whole series of books.