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27 May 2008

first entry + writing process

I have always aspired to write.  Writing short stories is something I have done as long as I can remember.  In October I started to watch the BBC series Doctor Who starring Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper.  I started to see scenery in and around Cardiff, Wales.  That's when the story started to form in my head.  Now before you get the wrong idea I am not writing a science fiction story even though science fiction is what inspired me to write it.  I've always had an interest in the UK and Ireland, particularly Ireland until the Doctor came into my life.  

On to my research.  I have a large canvas bag and in that bag are 2 large binders, a small binder, a folder, an atlas, a notebook, a small notebook that I should really carry in my purse and a book about golfing in Wales.  I also got a dozen more brochures today.  The small binder is full of scrap paper to write in.  The two large binders and the folder are full of travel guides I've ordered from the UK and a few other places.  I must say I'm really interested in going to New Zealand and Iceland now as well.  I have written a bit of the book and done research into finding an agent and even figured out what agent I'd like to go for first.  I just feel like I don't have everything I need material wise in order to have all the research done.  

I have been talking to my old friend Amber again and she has been most helpful.  I also talk to my new friend, who Amber introduced me to, Matt who actually lives in Wales.  Not to mention Taryn and Sandie and my mom reading what I've written and telling me what they think.  I hope to really start spending a bit of time every day working on this novel so that I can get this story out of my head.  It's just such an electric feeling to have people buzzing in your head all the time.


Beanie said...

I did not realise that sci-fi is what started you on this path..I only know it is a path you have been heading to your whole life least if some of those fictions you told your Mom growing up were any indication!!HAHA!! Beanie ;-}