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04 July 2008

updates on various goings on

Okay so I've been doing some work on the general idea of my book. I had determined I wanted it to be in diary form because I am not all that great at dialogue in terms of 'bob walks into the room and says...'blah blah'. It just seems to horrid to read back when I've written like that but I've decided to try a different tact so that everything is not from the main females perspective. In the day of internet and email and IM I have decided to include things such as email, IM and blog posting/comments. I think it could work.

As for my weight loss goal I have decided not to weigh myself until August 1st. I know what I weighed on June 30th and will weigh myself after 1 full month. I did mile 1 of Walk Away the Pounds just a few minutes ago and despite not using any weights I really feel it in my arms.

I have also decided on another change to be effective the day after my birthday. My birthday itself is on September 24 and as of September 25, 2008 I have decided to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. I do not want to be vegan but vegetarian is something I have considered for a few years. I do want to get the skinny bitch cookbook and try some vegan recipes but will not go vegan. I like ice cream too much.