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12 November 2008

day 12

Well I decided this morning that since I have made the choice to restart my diet/exercise plan beginning today I would reweigh and measure despite saying I would NOT weigh in for 2 weeks. I have maintained my weight and even lost inches still. In the last 2 months, my original start date was 09/10, I have lost 14 pounds, 2 points on the BMI, 7" in waist, 3.5" each in the hips and chest, 1" each in the thigh and calf, went up .5" in the bicep and am down .5" in the neck. If you figure all that together I have lost 16" total in just 2 months. I am really happy about that.

Today's exercise will be a major cleaning of the house. I'll plug my mp3 player in and get to it. There is only 1 room that I don't have to touch except to sweep and that's my room. I keep it clean because I hate clutter but for some reason I've just been too blah to clean lately. I also started reading again. I once read that if you want to be a writer one of the most important things you can do is keep reading. I am a reading fiend and I had just gotten out of it and at the same time I wasn't doing well with my writing. However, now that I'm reading I am definitely excited about writing again.

Last night I didn't write and I still haven't put anything into the PC and taken it off paper but I will likely do that tomorrow since I plan to do some more writing tonight after everyone is asleep. I like to curl up somewhere in the house with my mp3 player and my inspiration journal. I'll prop the book open on a page that just makes my creative juices flow and write.

Okay I suppose I should get to work on cleaning the house.