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25 November 2008


I am no longer working at the store AGAIN. I am unsure if the place is even open anymore. The last few times I've gone by it wasn't open. The expectations he had of me were unreasonable, such as working for free for now. I just can't do that, bills to pay, food to eat. It wasn't a bad experience but it just wasn't a great one either. The unfortunate problem is that there aren't any jobs in transcription right now. We are fine without it right now.

So I finally feel like I can have a cat again. It was rough when I lost Minnie and no one really got it. I had her from the time I was 7 until I was 21 when she wandered off. I loved that cat so much and she was my baby and then she was gone. I didn't like the idea of having another pet until this last week. Friday we were at the pet store and they had kittens there and I just kept petting them. I started looking on petfinder and found a few cats I wish I could take and filled out an application to take 1 of them but have yet to hear anything back. I should probably hear something today. I do know that I want a girl cat. My plan was to name her 'Miss Kitty Fantastico' after Willow and Tara's cat on Buffy but Elijah can't say it and I don't want to shorten it so I am going to change the name. I have a poll up with the ones I like. I am most leaning toward Marley at this time. I really want to adopt 1 from this animal rescue up the road but they want a vet reference which I do not have since I have not had a pet of my own in 9 years and she was taken care of by my grandparents. I am hopeful that I will get 1. They have names through the rescue and I'll mention what I know about each of them. All 3 are fixed, up to date on routine shots, been frontline treated, tested negative for feline HIV/leukemia and come with a 4 lb bag of food.

There is Ariel. She is 5 months old and a tabby mix, mostly white. They say she is very affectionate and playful.

Then you have Autumn. They list her as special needs and as a kitten. She is a British Shorthair Calico mix and is black, tan and white. They say this about her:
This cat is just stunning...she is funny and full of surprise and mischief! She hates outside and is just scared of open doors. She is loving and sweet. She often jumps in my lap to share or try to share my morning cup of coffee. She is persistent. She follows her foster people everywhere. Take a bath, she plays in the water. Go into the closet, she is waiting when you come out. Walk into the garage, she is there when you return. Autumn deserves a family who can allow her to be the awesome companion that she is.

The last kitten is Mia and she is the one I lean most toward. She's a cute little tabby baby. She is not yet 3 months old. All they say about her is that she's very energetic and fun loving. She's gorgeous.

I am hopeful that I hear something back from them today. I am worried because of the vet reference but I told them where I intend to take the cat for care and so I'm really really hopeful about this.

Okay so I haven't got much else to talk about.