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13 December 2008

day 13

I got my kitty today. Her name is Penelope and she's a medium haired tabby/calico. She's gorgeous. She's only got white on her lower belly. She's currently sleeping in a box on a blanket because she wanted away from everyone and I'm not letting her in the bedrooms just yet. I need to do a major clean on the boys room first. She is very playful and tiny. She was born on Halloween and is 6 weeks 1 day old.

Last night we went to dinner at Barleycorn's and then went to the Shadowbox Cabaret. I'd heard all these great things about the place and it was a nice time but wasn't quite what I expected. Very small, crowded and louder than necessary. There were 24 of us there. I think I knew the bass player in the band but I'm not entirely sure. It was a nice time. I was stuck with 2 drunken fools. I won the raffle too. I won a $60 gift certificate to a restaurant and a discount on getting my nails done. I won 2 tickets to holiday fest at the Beach Waterpark but I gave them to Mason to take his new gf. I'm too delicate to be outdoors that long HAHAHA

Anyway, I finished rereading the Twilight saga and am now reading Thomas Beatie's 'Labor of Love: The story of One Man's Extraordinary Pregnancy.' I'll probably read most of it today and then watch Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 tonight. Graham Norton has Barry Manilow tonight and I have a few shows on DVR to watch, Santuary, OTH, CSI and Leverage plus 2 of the Librarian movies from TNT. I'm half done with CSI and OTH though and the 1st Librarian movie records tomorrow so I can't watch any of those until tomorrow.

The roof is going on and I'm really angry because yesterday they put a tarp on the side of the house for the garbage and they covered my AC unit but somehow turned on the faucet and it ran for a few hours before I noticed. Today they seem to have said forget the tarp and are just throwing the damn shingles in my yard. I have kids that play there so they better make sure they get EVERY single nail up.