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19 December 2008

day 19

What a day and it's not even noon yet. At about 7:20 this morning my biggest brat comes in and says 'you have to see this' and so I think Penelope must be up to no good because she's discovered she's quite talented in that department. No such luck. Instead my new toaster oven, regular toaster and coffee (tea for me thank you) pot is covered in WATER. My brand new ceiling seems to have sprung a leak. Apparently the flushing around the chimney was no good and the guys came in the rain to repair it. I'm just glad it was today instead of tomorrow when we're going out of town.

I haven't been writing much. I've been stressing too much. Tired of stress. It seems to be all I do in December and January. I applied for a few jobs and posted my resume and Eric said no I didn't need to but money is worrying me lately. He had said he wanted to get a PT job at this other fire department because it'll help pay into his retirement and he'd get more out of it but he hasn't gone down there yet. The problem is that his fire district is apparently cutting overtime in 2009 so that stresses me. He can't go to drill or EMT class anymore which I thought were necessary to his continuing ed hours but I guess not.

I still feel like I have no free time even without a job. I was sick this week and still had a ton to do. My house is a disaster and laundry is 2 days behind but I'm going to get right on that...eventually.