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08 February 2009

very excited

Okay so today Eric brought home this box that I guess is supposed to be used for bills but I already have a way of organizing the bills that has worked for me quite well for the last few years and I don't see a need to change it just because I got a fancy little box.

So while rewatching the series 4 doctor who finale I took a lot of my stuff on the 3 stories I've been working on and put it into this box. I have my map of central Cardiff in a slot, 1 with pencils, notecards on 1 story in 1, another story in yet another slot, information on publishing, writing a query, information on Wales, specific gardens, Scotland. I'm really thrilled with it. Also as an added bonus I started writing again. Not the short story, although I did find something I'd written about a year ago that made no sense to what I'd written at that point but which totally fits the short story. I am so absolutely thrilled. My mojo seems to be flowing. I'm also working out a plan to save the money on my own to get a mini laptop to write with.