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03 March 2009

seriously disappointed

So I started this weight loss journey for real about 6 weeks ago. I really started over a year ago but lost all measurements in that time. I do have a measurement set from September, January 25 and today. If there is no number in the first column I did not measure it in September but here's where it stacks up:

Weight 236/227/227.3
BMI 37/35.6/35.67
waist 50/46/45
at belly button /43/43.5
hips 51/49/48
chest 45/44/43
below bust /37.5/36
thigh 31/30.5/29
calf 16/15/16
bicep 13/14/13
neck 15/15/15

Last January I was about where I am now and in the course of less than a month lost 15 pounds just from exercise. I got sick and gained it back.

Why is it 6 weeks of less snacking, no chips, exercise most days leads me NOWHERE. I failed and I feel like dirt. Why bother ya know?


Anonymous said...

you did NOT fail Ness! My hat is off to you that you have kept up all you have done. You truly are probably in the best shape of your life as far as strength goes....Look out Eric ... She's gonna kick your ass!I cannot imagine why you are not losing weight. Feeling better is huge! Please do not feel like dirt. I am jealous and proud that you kept at it! I would not have made it! Love ya Girl! Mama

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah and I know that you have all kinds of time since you work from home Come on Girl put down the Bon Bons! geez!!!