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21 April 2009


Okay so I haven't had a chance to vlog lately. First I couldn't find the camera and then it needed to charge and then it charged but I've been busy and a bit embarrassed. I'd been doing good with working out and eating better, no massive weight loss but a ton of inches. My progress up to now is that I haven't had any pop in 24 days or so, 16.5 inches lost since the end of January, 8 pounds lost in that same time. I had lost more but with my horrible eating habits this week after a double birthday party and Easter I gained right back to where I was...good news though is that I maintained that weight for a week instead of gaining more. Last week I didn't exercise as much as I have been. I think I only exercised 3 times instead of 6 times. I feel awful and know I messed up. Yesterday I planned to work out and didn't. Instead I used the excuse to myself that the power could go out from the storm. I'm going to start back tonight though, no excuses. If I have to I will work out at midnight but I'm doing it. Shame on me. Without actively hanging out with my workout buddy I have no one but me to be accountable to and that just isn't working out for me.

On the plus side, thanks to a couple of people, specifically Dave, I've gathered more info on Glasgow for the book. I didn't write yesterday but I did quite a bit of research that I need to wade through to see how to apply it first