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18 July 2009

time flies...

Well my best friend and her daughter came last weekend and we were so busy and I didn't make the greatest food choices. I gained nearly 3 pounds on top of my previous gains. I am now back to where I was in March. I will not beat myself up and I do not think I failed. I have just hit a snag and I will fix it. I am starting over tomorrow. Weigh ins will now be on Sunday's beginning tomorrow and I will be working with a friend to track my food. My car is also fixed and so I'll be going back to the gym on a more regular basis. I'm very excited about my 'reboot' tomorrow and will probably blog about it mid week or so.

I'm going to go off on a bit of a rant here and if you don't like it so be it.

One of the issues I have with the online weight loss community is that it becomes a popularity contest. I'm not trying to be popular because the more 'friends' you make the harder it is to create a meaningful thing. What I want to find via this crazy WLC is people to actually care about me and me care about them. If you make 1500 friends from it you're not going to be bonding in a meaningful way. It just bothers me...'follow me, follow me...prize to my *** follower.' Seriously people it's about weight loss numbers not follower numbers.

Another thing that really really pisses me off is that a lot of the people who are 'popular' in the WLC are not worth it. Seriously...I want to look up to someone who is eating healthy and exercising and not sitting in a bar smoking and drinking. If I wanted that I'd go down the street and tell my weight loss troubles to the town drunk. Unless you and I are talking away from the WLC please there is a short list of things I do not want to know.

1. Sex life - whether or not you have one is not my business if we're only on a screen name basis.

2. Bathroom habits - I don't care how close we become I don't need to know how often you go and what consistancy it is.

This is the short list but it is constantly being added to.

I want the people I look up to to eat healthy, exercise regularly and even fail sometimes. In other words, I want you to be real and not just popular because you pimped yourself to the internets in an effort to be the most watched person there is.