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09 December 2009

Major update

It's been almost 2 months since I've posted any sort of update. A couple of weeks after I posted previously things in my world got a little topsy turvy with the notification that my grandfather, who I love so much and who had a hand in raising me, would be going into hospice care. He went in on October 29th and passed away yesterday. Yes I am upset and hurting over it but his mind is clear now and he's no longer in pain. I will miss him the rest of my life but I'm luck to have had him as long as I did.

While he was ill I mostly put writing aside. It's hard to motivate to write a love story when a part of you is miserable. I did write a short story related to a potential future book. The story was submitted to a holiday short story contest, the results of which will not be available until the 20th. If I place in the top three my story will be posted on the author's website. I'm excited and nervous as I've never shared my writing with anyone outside of my circle of friends and family so it's a bit scary to share in an arena where I will be judged. The contest is open to published and unpublished authors so that makes it even scarier.

Another thing going on is that I have fallen off track with my weight loss again. I had sort of gotten on track again but the fibromyalgia sidelined me again as well as a problem with my heel that has left me unable to wear running shoes for a couple of weeks. The doctor said if it's not better by January that she will X-ray it to be sure I don't have heel spurs. I'll be starting a new fibromyalgia medication tonight...hopefully we'll get it under control and I can start losing weight.

Things have been wild that's for certain. They will calm down but I will still mourn the loss of my Papaw. I just know he's okay now and I can stop worrying for him.