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26 October 2008

update with some major changes

So on Wednesday I got fired. Long story but suffice to say there was some major miscommunication on both ends. Jonathan's football coach just opened a deli/carryout and I ran into him Thursday at the grocery and asked if he needs help and I started working there part-time on Friday. I'll be working there on days Eric's off for a few hours a day. I WILL go back to transcription but decided that right now I need to NOT look for a transcription job until probably January after the holidays. If I got a transcription job now I'd be required to work holiday's and I don't want that. This is the first job I've had out of the house in 7 years. It's kind of exciting.

I've been working on my book and after I finish this blog I'll be making the necessary changes to what I already have on the computer from the printouts I have. I think it's going well and I set a goal to have 25,000 words down by Christmas. I'm very excited.

I just spent about an hour editing and changing what I've written in the past and adding to it. I've added about 400 words to it. I have a couple of storyline ideas but they would take place much later in the book and so I am leaving them out for now.