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19 October 2008

what's shakin?

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for a 1 year old. On the way down there I had a collapsable binder and used it to hold several items to work on my book. I had some printed pages that I wanted to edit and a few other things so I worked on that for about 30 minutes in the car and then later wrote down several other notes. I guess I worked on the book for about an hour yesterday and still need to go into the document and make the actual changes.

Yesterday they had a veggie platter and chicken wings and then later cake and ice cream. I don't eat meat with bones in it so I just had a lot of veggies with ranch dip and then cake and ice cream later. It was a fairly nice time but all the adults there were smokers except me and I wasn't going to go sit outside in the cold with them while they smoked.

Today I need to be working and then cleaning and tonight I will probably do some work on the book. I also need to find something to do with the papers I had in the collapsable folder than I don't want in there anymore but don't want to get rid of because I may need them eventually. So I should probably get to it instead of blogging and listening to mp3s and generally screwing around.