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01 November 2008

day 1

I will be blogging every day for the next 30 days. I have joined a challenge but I don't think I'll be directly in the challenge because I'm too busy to actually do it.

Anyway so I guess I'll start with what I've been doing lately. I worked all this week at the deli and might go in today. I've been helping to get it organized and I am trying to bring ideas to the store in an effort to help get it really up and running. I like doing it, being out of the house for 1 thing and even though it isn't my store I really feel like I could make my own mark on this store that will help keep it open and keep me working outside of the house. I think I could actually have a life this way. I've offered to make the soups to be served during the week. (Break to find a good song - went with Music for Elevators fronted by Anthony Stewart Head...good ole Giles.)

I've been writing down a lot of ideas for storylines for the book but haven't had a real chance to sit down and type them up but I'll probably be doing that tonight or tomorrow night. It's such a foreign idea to me to NOT spend 8 hours a day at the computer. I really like it actually. I miss chatting with Taryn like I usually do but I like not sitting in this chair all the time.

I guess I better get some housework done in case I do go into the store so that I have less to do when I get home. Plus I have to save something to write about tomorrow


Esther said...

I love reading your posts and will be anxious to read them daily!