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14 November 2008

day 14

Okay so today's posting might not be very upbeat but oh well. I am a bit angry and hurt by the events of today and I really need to vent and get it off my chest.

I went to the school today for an IEP meeting with the speech therapist regarding Riley. I rang the buzzer and was let in and as I came in a woman was coming out so I held the door for her. She ignored me and went out the other door. As I left another person was coming in the second doors and I held it and he totally ignored me.

I left the school and went to the library where again I was ignored when holding the door for someone. I went over to the gas station and some guy cut in front of me in line and the cashier told him to get behind me because I had been there first.

When I got fat did I just get invisible? I remember going out with Tina when I was 160 pounds, I thought I was fat, and some guy stopped his car in the middle of a parking lot and got out of it to come tell me I was hot. I don't want that kind of attention but when did I just become invisible. People are rude and mean and ignore me when I attempt to be helpful and it just hurts. It angers me to no end and I find it completely unfair and insightful.


E said...

I am 100% sure that it isn't your expanded waistline that made these people rude. 100%! Some people are just that way - rude, crude, and socially unacceptable - in the words of a 10th grader I can still see in the mirror despite her own expanded waistline, butt size, upper arm girth, etcetera.

Susy said...

I am stopping by through mama c's blog and I am a heavier woman and I don't like how people will do things that we might feel it is about our size. I think that way too. However we need to just move on. I did have an incident that would send any one heavy through the roof! I was parking my car and this man was trying to park in the stall next to me at the same time. He was getting very mad and using some very bad language. As I got out of the car he told me to go and find a parking spot for fat people! Can you imagine the nerve of someone! Now I know I am bigger and should loose weight but that is my business. So I do understand how you feel!