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13 November 2008

day 13 aka Supernatural Thursday

Okay so last nights music post was a little extreme for even me. I normally don't do things like that and should probably have posted it to myspace instead but oh well.

So today I almost got hit. It would have been a very ugly situation if I had. I was at the stoplight leaving the library and it turned green, I waited a few seconds and went. Here comes this little silver car out of nowhere and just flew through the light. Luckily it's 4 lanes with the suicide lane in the middle up there so he went around but he was going 45-50 I'd guesstimate and he'd have hit my door and it would have been bad. It scared the hell out of me. If I were still a smoker I'd have chainsmoked 1/2 a pack.

I went to the library this morning and picked up 2 books by a name named Stephen Lawhead. They are his version of Robin Hood and there are 3 books, only 2 out so far. I picked both up as well as the series 2 dvd set of Robin Hood the BBC series. I am going to have a Robin Hood weekend.


E said...

Thank goodness for the suicide lane... too bad he didn't just stop there.. grrrrr.. I hate "I-OWN-THE-ROAD" drivers..

....and you mentioned smoking... I'm ashamed to say.. I've been smoking again lately.. you're only the second person I've told.. well, you and all your readers..