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05 November 2008

day 5

Okay so let me get this out of the way. I am so sad about Prop 8. I hope they find a way to overturn this decision. In my opinion the vote was too close for it to really be a pass/fail issue.

Anyway, today I went shopping and did my 2009 prep. I got a new desk blotter and a new planner book. Not a big planner but a small monthly planner which is how I keep track of my bills and the dates they are due. I am very pleased with what I found. I looked for the Twilight soundtrack at Walmart but didn't see it. I was disappointed with that.

I left the DONE girl group. I just couldn't deal with all of it and I was doing so well but then I didn't check email for a day and I felt so snowed under that I was lost and just finally quit today after saying I would for more than 2 weeks.

I am going to attempt to head to the gym tonight. I have a bad headache and I'd rather just toss some pizzas in for the kids and call it a day. Plus I've got a few movies to watch and a ton of laundry to finish.

I need to run to the library but will probably wait until tomorrow afternoon to see if anything else I requested comes in. They have the Eminem book on hold for me and I think that will be a really interesting read.

Anyway, I'm rather boring on day 5...hopefully something exciting happens tomorrow


Esther said...


I left the DONE group as well. It was just too much going on and I felt like with sooooo many people in that group, everyone just gets lost in the crowd...ya know what I mean?

Anyway, please start using SP again, it has been my lifesaver. The FFF (Fun, Fabulous, and Forty Something) team is awesome and even though I know you are not 40, you can still join it. Support is a big thing in this process, you know that.

E said...

...Eminem book? I'm gonna have to check that out!