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07 November 2008

day 7

I am thrilled I made it this far writing every day.

I went to the library yesterday to pick up a list of books holding for me and when I got home I checked the page because I knew I was high on the list for a couple others and it figured the 1 book I wanted most was holding. I ended up going back last night alone and wandered the CD aisle while waiting for the line to shrink. I picked up 3 cd's which make me so extremely happy because I think they're wonderful singers. First was Ray LaMontagne who has some extremely beautiful songs such as Trouble and Hold you in my arms. He has a voice that doesn't seem to fit with the music that comes out these days. He is a throwback in my opinion but i enjoy him very very much. Next I got Paolo Nutini. I love his voice as well. He's got this sexy gravelly voice and then you can pick up the accent subtly in some of his songs and it makes it sexier, especially the song Loving You. I also picked up Mika which is just fun to turn up really really loud and sing along and dance around to.

I also picked up 2 discs of Roswell and the series 1 set of Robin Hood to rewatch. I'm first in line for Robin Hood series 2 and holding for some Elliott Smith CDs. It's a shame that the music world lost him so soon. He made such beautiful and haunting music.

I have to clean and put on real clothes. The cable guy is coming to fix some sort of issue we're having because we can't get a few channels to work that we have. My back is so stiff today though that's it's all I can do not to go just lay on the bed flat as can be and not move at all.