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08 November 2008

day 8

I am so thrilled I discovered you can change your template with an outside template and not the templates they allow you. I really like my new template. I think it's very lovely. I have a few others I will probably try out eventually. I don't like that my title had to change because it was so big it overlapped other things.

Anyway, so I am hoping to spend some time writing later today. I have several ideas for the book that I really need to get out of the notebook and onto the screen. I dreamed about it last night. I dreamed I was someone observing the story as it happened in a real life situation and it made me so happy to think of in that way.

I am listening to Mika - Love Today as I type this and I want to get up and dance...guess that would help my weight loss quite a bit.

ETA: I found this picture last night when I thought about finding an image for every post I do but I decided not to do that. I even posted and left the picture out but realized I couldn't quite get the picture out of my head and I am thinking of writing a short story about this picture to post later in the week. I have something working in my head but we'll see where it goes. I hope my blog isn't boring to anyone. I am trying to think of exciting things to put in here but it's not very exciting being me lately, not bad just dull.


E said...

this is a great picture.. I love it