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09 November 2008

day 9

Last night I went to a benefit in order to raise money for the medical care of a 20 month old boy who was burnt. I've never been to one of these events before but it was nice. It was at the FD where Eric works and I'd say over the course of the night at least 400 people came. It was $10 to get in and they held raffles. I hope they got as much as they needed for the medical bills. It was a nice time.

I went to see Jonathan's team play basketball today in a memorial tournament for the assistant coach of his 3rd grade team. He had a pretty good rebound. They are the only team from the school, 6 in all, to advance to next weeks games.

So I did a lot of research on this idea I had for the book of sending some characters to a theme park in England or Wales and I didn't like them so I don't think I'm going that route. I'm pretty disappointed in that but what I wanted wouldn't make any sense in these places. I may scrap the idea entirely or alter it. I am really bothered by this idea of scrapping it because it seemed so vital to what I wanted but in order to make it work I'd have to send them to Disneyland Paris and I didn't want to include Paris in it. I have no interest in Paris.