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24 January 2009


Today I am planning to do a lot of nothing. My legs are extremely sore from yesterday. I will probably spend a bit of time working on my short story. I am really excited by it still and I'm looking forward to sharing it. I did some more agent research the other night and I think I found a better agent for what I write than I had previously found. The agency I had previously wanted to query first represents an author whose book was later turned into 2 movies and a Broadway musical that even spawned a television reality show search for the new star. We'll see. I am probably ahead of myself here but it could get interesting.

Anyway, yesterday Molly and I went for a walk from Newport to downtown Cincinnati. We walked over to a tea shop and she had tea but I just had a water. The walk there made me realize how overly out of shape I am and I was too hot and winded for tea. I even missed out on a pot of my favorite tea, PG Tips. Next time I think I'll see if she wants to take a shorter walk or something so that I can enjoy it as well. Based on a mapping program we walked 3.372 miles and there were stairs and inclines involved. My body above the knee is fine, below is staging a revolt and doesn't like me very much right now. I have no plans other than to relax today, work on my story and probably watch a movie.

Wednesday night I noticed that Riley had 2 swollen knots on the side of his neck. No fever and no symptoms so I sent him to school Thursday and called requesting that the nurse take a look and give me her opinion. She noticed another swollen lymph node on his clavicle and said his ears and throat were fine but said I should get him in to see the doctor. I called and he was seen within an hour. I thought that was wonderful. The doctor on the other hand was a pompous ass. He told me I was overreacting. He also told me he didn't know what's going on. Those two statements seem to contradict one another. How can I be overreacting if you have no damn clue what is wrong with my kid? He didn't even do a full exam. I found another swollen node after we left that he'd never noticed and he never bothered to even check below the neck for other swollen nodules. He ran a negative strep test and also did blood work and 2 days later I still have no results of it. He requested we come back Monday and get the results of the blood work. I called yesterday and told them I was very unhappy with him and his incomplete exam and his comments to me and they switched us to another doctor. I've never liked this particular doctor. He told me I couldn't possibly have fibro and that fibro is what they call it when it can't be something else. I just greatly dislike him and he further emphasized why to me on Thursday.