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21 January 2009

So today I did some research for my short story which I think needs to partially take place in Glasgow. I do not know why she needs to go there but she does. I realized that some Scottish cuisine makes my stomach turn just by name. Something called Cullen Skink...somehow I don't think that would make them deliver Edward to my table.

I did go with the story that takes the first and last lines of my favorite novel. I chose 1 that is up there on my list but not for sure my favorite. It's Jemima J by Jane Green.

I am bitterly cold and have been for several days and no matter what I do I cannot get warm. I'm wearing 2 shirts, 1 of which is thermal, fuzzy socks and sweatpants...still bitterly cold. I am debating turning the space heaters off for the day and letting the heat fully run. Okay I put shoes on and it's a little better.

I am probably going to walk the treadmill when I go down to start laundry. I'll do at least 10 minutes but the treadmill makes my calves burn something awful. I just need to figure it out. Why is it that I agonize over myself and my weight ALL day long but do NOTHING about it?