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26 February 2009

February 26, 2009

I've almost completed my month of NO chips. I am beyond thrilled with myself that I did it. I get hungry when I see a bag in the store but I've started to realize it's not just me who has gone the entire month without them. Every member of my household has also gone without them. I like to think that it's to support me, at least the older ones who can shop. It makes me feel better about it all.

Yesterday I sat down and reorganized a lot of my writing things because I haven't felt very organized. I ordered a travel guide that I've been putting off requesting from Scotland. I am excited waiting for it but realize that it could take a couple weeks. Luckily I am not to the point where they are necessary to the story. I need to print out some pictures that I want to put in my inspiration journal. These are pictures of places that have truly inspired me in this book writing process and that I'd love to be able to look at to inspire specific spots in the story.

I spent about an hour working on my index cards idea as well. Instead of having a printout of the character bio I decided to put them on index cards that way I can just grab them and keep them in front of me instead of having to search for them. I have that box I blogged about and it's organized by the 3 stories I've been working on so I know where everything is.

As for my weight loss, according to my wii fit I've not lost much but I dont' mind. I can feel differences in my body and that's what I care about most right now.