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19 February 2009

it's cold

Yesterday it was a breezy 55ish and today I wake up to have to scrape snow off the car. Yuck.

Yesterday I took Penelope to the vet for the first time since we got her 2 months ago. She was given shots and proclaimed to be a healthy cat. We discussed fixing her around the beginning of June and then we discussed declawing. He said he doesn't recommend doing it at all. I told him I had no intention of mutilating my cat just to benefit my furniture. The practice is barbaric and should be outlawed anyway.

Declawing is not like a manicure. It is serious surgery. Your cat's claw is not a toenail. It is actually closely adhered to the bone. So closely adhered that to remove the claw, the last bone of your the cat's claw has to be removed. Declawing is actually an amputation of the last joint of your cat's "toes". When you envision that, it becomes clear why declawing is not a humane act. It is a painful surgery, with a painful recovery period. And remember that during the time of recuperation from the surgery your cat would still have to use its feet to walk, jump, and scratch in its litter box regardless of the pain it is experiencing. Wheelchairs and bedpans are not an option for a cat. (copied and pasted from

I was hoping to go to water aerobics today but the snow is falling at a steadier pace and just makes it seem colder. I think I'll do the wii fit and curl up with a movie. I've had this movie for about 2 weeks now and at first couldn't watch because my DVD player was broken. I have no replaced it but haven't had time. I will watch it at some point today.