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21 February 2009

day 5 with my fit

So I've had my wii fit since Tuesday and done it every day. I'm waiting for the kids to get bored with it for the day so that I can do the 30 minute free walk. Yesterday I did the 6 minute hula hoop challenge while listening to Tom Jones and I have to say his music seems ideal for that. I don't think I can do that one again today because my left calf is pretty sore.

Today I went to pick up the new medicine that I'm being trialed on in an effort to control my fibromyalgia. I hope this one works because I cannot handle much more of this. There are weeks when it just exists as a dull ache in my back but then there are times, like now, when it hurts so badly that I just want to give up, climb in bed and stay there until it stops. It usually throws me off when I'm in the midst of attempting to lose weight. The exercise will wear me down and cause a flare of immense proportions and I'll be incapacitated. I would like to try the new med now but it can cause drowsiness and I'm the only one home with the midgets at the moment.

I think the horrible thing about this week is while I feel like I accomplished a lot this week I feel like M and I were off track which is my fault because I didn't feel well one day and it just wasn't happening like I wanted it to this week. I feel so bad because she had a rough week and I'm supposed to be her workout buddy and friend and I've been utterly absorbed in my own world.

Okay the challenge has gone out and I must go prove that I am capable of rhythm boxing on my wii fit. Wish me luck...against a 6 year old who is a sore winner.

ETA: I won and he's cool with it. He likes a challenge and being in 1st would have made him happy but having a goal to try to beat me makes him REALLY happy.

I did 1 mile WATP Express today and I thought it would be easy because I do the 1 mile with M but this is a different 1 mile and it kicked my ass. I'm such a wuss