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30 March 2009

challenging myself AGAIN

Okay so this week I decided to challenge myself to cut all caffeine out entirely by drinking only water. I then modified that to include 1 cup of milk with dinner and then I thought hot tea is relaxing to me so I modified it to include 1 cup of hot tea per day. Yesterday I only had 1 cup of hot tea with 1 tsp of sugar and 1/2 cup of milk along with about 1/2 gallon of water with lemon juice to prevent retention. Today I made it until 4 when I needed the tea to prevent falling over. I'm so caffeine addicted that it woke up me almost instantly. Still drinking water but added a flavor packet to it which was only 5 calories with no sodium or sugar.

After this I'll be doing 1 mile, some wall pushups and some ab exercises for my activity today.

I'm still really tired and will try to blog better tomorrow. I will be working on a vlog tonight so check my youtube channel later.


angienicholas said...

hey I am cutting out caffeine too. I am on day 4. I am keeping track on the web site. your doing great sorry we haven't been able to talk lately hope fully soon Angie