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20 March 2009

new direction and goals

I read a book yesterday called 'the amazing adventures of dietgirl' by a woman named Shauna Reid. I've never been as large as her but I identified with almost every word. I needed that kick in the pants. I'm tired of being this skinny girl trapped in a fat suit. I still have some sexy knickers shoved in the back of the drawer to remind me how I used to be. I haven't pulled them out in ages and today I pulled out a pair of my current and those and laid the old ones on top of the new ones and OMG I'm fat. I knew it but seeing that sort of visual bugged me.

Shauna Reid has her dietgirl blog still up and posted resources, one of which is a weight tracking spreadsheet and I downloaded that to track my progress. M created one for me yesterday that will track my inches lost as well in 10 week intervals. I am hopeful I keep this up like I need to. I have decided to give myself the weekend to relax and do whatever and starting Monday I'm back into it full swing. I may still exercise over the weekend but I'm not going to worry so much about the calorie intake. Tomorrow is a party here at my house and I'm going to eat cake. I'm also going to start to blog more often about my progress and various ups and downs. I promise to even post the bad.