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04 April 2009


Day 6 with no pop has ended. I'm going to just continue the challenge another week. I had a cup of hot tea with sugar, no milk on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I like this better. I'm a bit more tired but that's good. I've also done my exercise every day but today sort of. I spent 1.5 hours walking the grocery store and I'm counting that as my exercise today. According to the 90 minutes I spent grocery shopping burned 542.96 calories and I burned 64.64 carrying them in from the car and putting them away. I find that to be sufficient for me. I have no clue how accurate that is but I'd say I got in the proper number of steps that I needed.

I really feel on the right track with this. I'm consuming water. I feel better. My pants are falling off. Things seem to be great with work. I'm happy.

Tomorrow I go back up to 2 miles and plan to actually do 2.5 miles. I am ahead 1.5 miles on the challenge. Anyway, I'm caffeine and all.


angienicholas said...

your doing great I have just finished day 8 we can do this. I am allowing myself juice every now and then and milk. but other wise water for me too. keep up the good work angie