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05 April 2009


I am doing a challenge today for my neversaydiet 30 day challenge called 'Lose it for good'. I must answer the following questions and felt it suited the blog.

Take one step closer to loving your body for what it is by letting go of old dress sizes and focusing on the figure you have now.

Write down all the sizes you've ever been and what your body image was like during that time. What else was going on in your life? Can you let it go and move on?
Clear your closet all of the clothes that don't fit you and anything you haven't worn in six months. Donate the clothes to a woman's shelter.

I don't have ANY clothes in sizes above where I am now but will donate onces I've finished. I will, however, do my best to write down the sizes I've been.

Age 16 wore a Guess size 28. Had just moved back to Ohio from Indiana and was pretty miserable about it but I felt attractive at the time. Had a pretty great boyfriend who told me how beautiful I was all the time.

Age 20, wore a size 9. Was living along for the first time and had friends around constantly. I again felt attractive because there was always a guy trying to catch my eye.

Age 22, wore a size 7 or 9. I was moving out of my apartment and back home to find a better living situation. Actually was considering applying to school but never followed through on it because everything changed so quick. Felt attractive and certainly was told I was.

Age 27, size 13. At my highest weight before I quit smoking of 160 pounds. I did not feel attractive this time. I felt incredibly overweight but didn't do much to change it.

Age 30, size 4 (Fashion Bug plus sized jeans, approximately 22-24). At my highest weight of 236 that I hope to never see again. I do not feel even remotely attractive. My mom says it and E says it but I don't believe it. I believe I see myself as larger than I am but can't be certain.