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25 May 2009

change in plans

So yesterday I tried but did not complete session one of c25k. I do not consider this a failure because I at least attempted this so therefore I will just call this a temporary setback or a minor change in plans. I have decided to go back to the Walk away the pounds 6 week challenge. The 6 week challenge has 1 day a week (Sunday) that you take off completely and 1 day a week that is unstructured so you can do what you wish. I think right now I'm going to complete the first 2 weeks in full, which would be six 1 mile walks, three 2 mile walks and a 3 mile walk, plus the days up until the 3rd weeks unstructured day, which would be another 1 mile walk and two 2 mile walks, and try the c25k again on the unstructured day. If I can't do it then I'll continue on and try it again. I will do it and I will be a runner. I'm not letting this set back throw a wrinkle in my long-term goals. I also need to get into the gym at least once a week for some strength training or come up with some sort of strength training at home.

I've entered a 28 day challenge to lose 10 pounds started by a youtuber I follow. The idea is to lose 10 pounds by the first day of summer. I am confident I can do it. I'm determined to do it. I go to the doctor tomorrow to see what she has to say about the thyroid being enlarged and get some fasting blood work done. Hopefully they'll have answers to why I haven't been able to lose weight despite all I've done. Although part of me really thinks WATP really isn't enough cardio to help me lose the weight I want to. I really miss the gym.