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24 May 2009

cookout, cats and c25k

So yesterday we had a cookout with some friends and it was a nice time. I bought some potato chips for the cookout because what kind of cookout doesn't have crisps...only I didn't serve them as I made some delicious potatoes instead. I snuck handfuls of chips quite often...the thing I recently decided to give up for the summer. I was so embarrassed I'd get caught but I didn't. I am still embarrassed. That was my slip and I am done but it was a big one. I would guess I ate about half the bag...shame on me.

Yesterday I got my new kitten...SHE turned out to be a he which was not what I wanted but he is gorgeous so I am okay with him. However, my pretty Penelope does not like him and likes to take a swipe at him and/or hiss at him. I am hopeful they will begin to like one another soon.

Now the worst of it all, today I attempted to start c25k. I haven't really exercised since I got injured and I probably should have gotten back into all that before jumping into c25k but I didn't and I am paying for it. The first time out I'd say I can only run for about 20 of the 60 seconds. My ankle starts to feel wonky and my shins burn. I have an appointment on Tuesday with my doctor and will mention these things. I ran 3 times but for no more than 30 seconds any of those times. Today it is very hot and humid, 88 with 48% humidity (31 celsius) and that was also a problem as even now I am still sweating. Tomorrow I will start back to the WATP and hopefully within 2 weeks can give c25k another try.