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26 May 2009

Doctor update

Today I went back to see my primary care doctor and discuss a variety of issues but mostly the issues that were brought up at my female appointment last week. My thyroid was NOT enlarged. I first saw Dr. Vu back in February and am down 8 pounds from then, fully dressed in shoes. We discussed my health issues in the past and the concern for a thyroid condition and/or diabetes. She is really concerned about the diabetes but I was fine about 16 months ago. She is retesting today. She took blood for 2 thyroid tests, glucose, Vitamin D, B12, iron, liver and kidney function as well as the normal panel which will include my cholesterol, which 16 months ago was very low. I will find out my blood test results by the end of the week and we'll go from there. She may order a thyroid ultrasound.

As for my diet she said I need to stay within a 1500 calorie a day range and I told her I'll be food journaling/blogging starting today. I was advised against going with the vegetarian diet, hopefully that's just for now and I can resume this plan eventually. She said it could even cause me to GAIN weight instead of lose. She said I need to cut back on the starches and increase my protein significantly. I don't even know where to begin on that. I do not eat fish and nothing can make me do so. I do like tuna salad. I have that carbs from heaven and carbs from hell book to read but am currently reading a novel and a memoir at the same time so I want to finish those first. I don't want to give up potatoes and peas and pasta :(


Anonymous said...

Unless you have palpable nodules in thyroid and elevated TPO antibodies suggestive of autoimmune thyroiditis, the ultrasound is not usually required