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29 May 2009

work and lab

So I've been working my butt off on a new account that I was put on for work. The woman who had it flaked after 4 years and the account was a week behind before I got it. I'm trying to catch it up at least. We're finally on Wednesday with it. So I've been working more than usual for less lines than usual as I am unfamiliar with the account.

Yesterday I called about my labs and they were normal except for my vitamin D. I've been told to take 800 units a day and get it redrawn in a couple of months. Now here are some of the things I've found about a vitamin D deficiency...I'm not linking to them as I have issues with links.

Some articles claim that lack of vitamin D is linked to fibromyalgia pain (I have fibromyalgia)...hopefully improving that will improve my fibro.

Some articles claim that having low vitamin D can CAUSE obesity/weight gain. I know why I gained weight but could low vitamin D be the cause of my inability to lose weight as other articles suggest?

I'll be going this afternoon to pick up the supplement and hopefully it will help.

Another symptom is fatigue which I have but that could also be related to my fibromyalgia as many who suffer from fibromyalgia also have chronic fatigue. I am hopeful that this supplement will help.


Karen C.L. Anderson said...

Hey! Yes, Vitamin D is is big player! I wrote an article a few years ago about osteoporosis and the doctors I interviewed said D is even more important than calcium in preventing it! The research that has been coming out in regards to other health issues is pretty interesting. And for those of us who live in northern climates, it's more imporant than ever to supplement our diets!

Marjie said...

So glad you are taking Vit. D. It is the hardest nutrient to get from food.