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14 May 2009


So I am going to order my new running shoes tomorrow and should have them next week so I can start my C25k. I am looking forward to it so much. I'll also be doing the Wii Fit Gold's Gym game that I checked out from the library to try it out. I wouldn't want to buy it if it's junk.

Anyway, things have been horrid here in terms of getting my exercise in. I have continued to eat well and still have not had pop in over a month which is the best thing to me. I drink water and occasional glasses of milk. I have had a few sips of pop in desperation but they were disgusting. I have also cut chips out again and this time I'm thinking of doing that more permanently. They are a horrid weakness for me and I just need to give them up.

Earlier this week I signed up for a team leader kit from the local Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk which will be October 11. Myself and a few others have made this plan together but I will do it alone if necessary. I plan to try to run the whole thing but would be happy to run at least half.

I really need to update my vlog but haven't had time and for a couple days didn't have much of a voice. I'll try to do that in the next few days.