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16 May 2009

so ready

Okay I can't keep doing this to myself. I am lazy and eating badly and I'd imagine I gained weight/inches. It's 4 pm and I've had 3 bowls of crunch berries and a salad. I'm just bored. I need to get off my ass and clean the house but I haven't yet. I finished a book I was reading and I'm chatting to my friend and harrassed J via text message which is insanely fun to do but doesn't assist in cleaning the house or losing weight. I think I suffer without someone to say 'hey get off your ass and do what needs done.' I'm just so tired of this cycle.

I skipped my weigh in/measuring on Monday and I said it was due to the failure of the last few weeks with my foot injury and my sinus infection and this and that but really I think I was giving up. I've ordered shoes and will be starting the C25k soon so I think that'll be a boost. Today I'm going to try the wii fit Gold's Gym cardio workout.

I just feel like an idiot for giving up but not even being willing to admit it to myself...I'm over it now and ready to get on with it