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18 October 2008

weekend goings on

So yesterday was a fairly lazy day. I went to lunch with Elijah and we went to a different branch of the library than we normally go to and went to pick up a pumpkin to carve for Halloween. We came home and didn't do much. I had picked up some movies at the library and the boys watched 1 and we played XBox together for about an hour. I kick ass at Donkey Kong Country. I didn't do a lot of the cleaning that I needed to but I did put all the clean laundry away, ran the dishwasher twice and picked up the living room. I won't get to really clean today but I'll do a 'swish and swipe' kind of clean because we're going to Cynthiana for Chevy's birthday party. He's been 1 since September 14th but the party is today...don't ask.

I spent about an hour last night writing. I worked on my inspiration journal and wrote out a lot of information about my female character. I'm excited. I am taking my inspiration journal in the car with me and printing up my timeline so I can write in a notebook in the car while we go. The party is an hour away and I've got my mp3 player with some of the music that I find inspirational. Today's song is River of Sorrow by Antony & the Johnsons. It's not particularly upbeat but it's a beautiful song. I love his voice. The song about his sister is slightly creepy but I still love his voice. I first heard his music while watching Torchwood and it was so perfect to the mood of the show that I cried and since Torchwood and Doctor Who are a big part of why I started writing the music they use, Torchwood more so, inspire me quite a bit.

I think since Eric is on these steroids and wants to start taking better care of himself and hitting the gym we'll both start back together next week in order to do this together. I think I'll try to blog every day and I'm not sure when I'll vlog again because I feel disappointed in myself but I'll get back to it.

Anyway, I better print out this timeline to take with me and get ready to go soon. I don't know what time we're leaving but I know the party is at 5 and we want to get there early so I think we'll probably leave around 2.


Esther said...

Glad to hear that Eric is wanting to go to the gym you have a workout buddie AND maybe, just maybe, it will give you two some quality time together and a shared interest.