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03 January 2009

Doctor Who

I am hopeful that Matt Smith can do justice to the role. I really wish it had gone to Paterson Joseph or even Harry Lloyd. I think Harry would have made a fantastic choice in the part and he needs a job since he won't be on Robin Hood in series 3.


Beanie said...

I am glad you went to the gym. Even with your fibro you can out-do me by a country mile. Of course between 3 kids plus a tall kid a household and being chief cook and bottle washer,I guess you have to stay in some sort of shape. I have to tell you that water workouts are wonderful. Once you get past the public shower (eww i carry lysol in my gym bag) They always left me feeling refreshed and ready for what came next. If you will remember,I used to go to the Hammond civic center and that was at a VERY busy time in my life..8 ppl in the house,cooking,driving cooking some more driving some more.I really do not know how I managed to squeeze it in but was so glad I did. It always made me hungry but for an apple or something healthy! How shocking! I hope you can get into it.
Every time I see you there is a difference in your build...for the better! So Little Girl As your Mamma always said "Do it then talk about it" I have Faith in You!!