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19 January 2009


Today I am going to attempt to work on a short story. I have this Writer's Digest Writing Kit and it has some examples to start from and if I can't make that work I think I'll just try using a picture as inspiration. I have yet to decide if I want to post it here or not.

Some of the writing kit options include:
1. While working at your computer one day, an e-mail from an unknown sender pops up in your inbox. Against your better judgment, you open it. The contents bring into question everything you've ever believed about your existence. Determine the nature of the subject line that compelled you to open the e-mail in the first place, then tell the story of what resulted from having done so.
2. Write a new story using the first sentence and the last sentence of your favorite novel or short story as your starting and ending lines.
3. Create a character (or use an existing character) who falls in love with a specific city or locale, but does not currently live there. To move there, he must risk losing something important (career, family, security, etc.). What is the character willing to risk and why?

I personally think the last one will be easiest for me because of how strongly I feel about the UK and Cardiff despite never having been there. I think that's why I can't do that one right now because I need to inspire myself and Cardiff already inspires me in so many ways. I really think I'd like to try the second one using the book Jemima J. The first line is 'God, I wish I were thin.' The last is not really workable unless I change names but it is 'But fairy tales can come true, and just like Jemima Jones, or Mrs. Ben Williams as she's known outside of the glossy magazine where she now works, if we trust in ourselves, embrace our faults and brazen it out with courage, strength, bravery and truth, fate may just smile upon us too.' I can make it work somehow but might have to cut some things out.

Anyway, I'm going to go back to plotting this out a bit.