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25 March 2009

Wow. I don't know that I've been this tired during the daytime before. Today is the third day I've been this tired. I've been taking vitamins and they do not appear to be helping at all. I think I must be slowly coming down with something because today I also have a headache.

I got off here last night to read a little before I went to sleep and instead I watched some stuff on DVR including last nights Biggest Loser. If Tara had not won immunity last night I have no doubt she would have gone home. I really am hopeful that Mike wins it all. I knew without a doubt that Aubrey would do what she did when she went home and gain some.

Yesterday a woman posted on freecycle what she described as: I have a thing.. not sure what it is.. it's not really a bike. You sit on it and pull a one piece handle bar towards you. You can change the resistance from easy to harder. it doesn't seem like it would be hard but you get going on this thing and it will cause you to be out of breath after a few repetitions. I asked her if it could possibly be a rowing machine and told her I'd take it. I can't get the van started again but am trying to find someone who could possibly go pick it up for me. I'm excited to get it because I really like the rowing machine. I hate using it at the gym because it's on the top level and there is usually someone on it and so I don't get to use them very often. I can't wait to get it. I will likely use it tonight if I get it home today.

ETA: Okay now I see why she compared it to a bike. It's actually a Weslo Cardioglide. Not quite a rower but should still do what I want.


ed said...

hey, that looks cool.. have you tried it out yet?
(btw.. my "word verification" to post is "nessess"... lol

Anonymous said...

I'm a Personal Trainer and all I can say is good choice! Get it and stay with it! Think of it as a cardio machine if that's possible for you, but if not work up to it! Get as much time on it as you can. It's a full range body work out! I just got one too and I have to say I LOVE it!!! IT should burn enough calories and build enough muscle in the right places without the muscles looking HUGE! So depending on your fitness goals, this machine should help if used properly! :)