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30 May 2009

go me!

So last night I went to the gym and decided that no matter what I'd be doing something new. I went to the upper tier of the gym and the only free elliptical machine kept freezing after 15 seconds so I got off that and tried a bike, not the ass is too big for the seat. So I decided I'd get on the treadmill and give the c25k a go on it. I had the music still loaded onto my mp3 player and away I went. I made it through 5.5 or 6.5 intervals before I just couldn't go on. I collapsed on a couch panting from being so hot. Thankfully I chose the treadmill with a couch directly behind it. My legs did hurt a bit but I was mostly overheated. I have a treadmill here at home and think I may try the c25k here next time, which should be tomorrow. My treadmill is in my basement which is typically ice cold and it's under an AC vent as well. That should be helpful and even if I can't finish it here the fact that I did over half of it is a major accomplishment to me when I couldn't even do 20 seconds of running on pavement. I guess I'll just have to build to doing it outdoors.