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01 June 2009

weigh in

Today was my weekly weigh in and despite it being TOM (TMI I know) I still lost 1.4 pounds and an additional 2 inches. I am at the library ATM and unable to access my spreadsheets so I can't give you an accurate detail of where those inches came from. I have decided on the advice of my friend Matt that after today I will be moving my weigh checks and measurments to Fridays and therefore will not be weighing in for the next 11 days. I am hopeful that the interval will help me to have a pretty significant number. I have started c25k now and think that will make a big difference for me.

I type really fast so feel really awkard here in the silent library with my 100+ wpm typing on a very clicky keyboard. I feel like turning to the hunt and peck typer next to me and apologizing. Silly me...I thought i would like the silence in the library and needed a break from my life for a moment so thought I'd come here and spend some time.

My personal life is turning to utter rubbish and I'm not feeling very supported at in point that I asked E to come out with me this evening as we had the evening free and he shot me down in favor of the corner bar with his friend from work despite the fact he doesn't even have any money to drink on...makes a girl feel good.


TeeTee_71 said...

Sorry your having a tough time at home. Know that we are all here to support you!! Congrats on the weight loss and loss of inches!! Great job!