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11 June 2009

auditioning and losing

So tomorrow will be the first time I weigh and measure on a Friday and I am slightly nervous about this big lapse in time between measurements. I feel like it's not going to be that great because I haven't been able to exercise like I want. I will be heading to the gym tonight though and I've done quite a bit of walking lately but no official exercise. My niece is still here and she's going to be going to a swimming event tonight so I can hit the gym. I'm excited to get to try a new modified version of C25k there. I may hit the pool as well. I'm formulating a workout plan in my head. I'll hit the weight room for 20 minutes, do the c25k and then hit the pool.

I've recently auditioned to be the newest vlogger for a collab channel called the Fatastic 5. The 4 vloggers left are great people and if chosen I'd be taking over for the woman who inspired me to vlog in the first place. I am hopeful I'll be chosen but will be okay if I'm not. I think I could offer a new perspective to the channel. I'll know on Sunday I suppose. Here is my video that I made for the audition:

I hope everyone has a great Thursday.