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10 June 2009

back on track

Okay so I'm still getting my groove back. I took the break and came back feeling pretty out of sorts about the whole internet thing. I did great with work the last two days and went over my quota which is good but I still can't motivate to write.

Why is it the one thing I think should probably be most important to me isn't? I feel like I need a laptop so I don't have to write in the exact same spot EVERY single day. However, in the last year I got behind on things and am only now coming out of a hole I was in and there are things that need taken care of first such as my car needs fixed. A laptop may have to wait until next year which depresses me. I have a friend who told me I could have a spare one he had that would just be for me to write on and that would be about it...unfortunately I haven't heard from said friend in ages and I really would like to buy a nice laptop with a built in webcam. Blah...okay enough with the feeling sorry. I really need to work on my writing...Help motivate me PLEASE!