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08 June 2009

burn out

So Memorial Day I was off work and had a nice relaxing day...Tuesday I logged into work and that's where it all came crashing down. I was given a new account at work which consists of a surgery center with 4 different practices in it. I have to type surgical reports for 19 different doctors. They don't dictate every day but it's a large practice. The woman who had been on the account had some issues and no longer would be working the account...and hadn't in over a week. So I got this account that was DAYS behind. Suddenly I'm working my butt off and not catching up because more files are coming in every day. I worked 11 days straight and was tired and burnt out and needed a break. So Friday I decided to take a twitter break for the weekend and only cheated once to message someone who had mailed me a package just to let her know I'd gotten it. Another woman covered the account this weekend and helped to get it cleared out so that this morning I start from scratch. I had 2 days off and barely even touched my computer.

Saturday I read a book and my mother stopped by to visit the community yard sale...the only thing I wanted but didn't get was an exercise bike my neighbor was selling. That evening I went to a graduation party for one of the Explorers at the fire department and then off to a Cincinnati Reds/Chicago Cubs baseball game. It was a gorgeous night and a fun game...extra innings and a Cincinnati win. Yesterday I cleaned and planted my herbs and peppers and my mother came over with my niece and I will be keeping her until Wednesday at some point. I read another book last night...I'm a very big reader and tend to read at least 5 books per week...just novels that I randomly pick. There are times I'll go to the library with no clear author in mind so I'll walk the aisles and pick randomly like 'I'll go down the 4th row and pick the 3rd pink book I see.' I've found some great books that way actually.

Anyway, I'm back to work today and hope it runs smoothly because I still feel tired so I just want to finish my day and go on with it all :)