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02 June 2009


Inspired by @teetee_71 from twitter I decided to make a list of my goals for the month of June.

1. I am currently weighing in at 223.5 and so my goal by the end of June is to be at 215 which is 8.5 pounds by July 1.

2. I would like to measure cut back my carb consumption and keep it less than 120 carbs per day which is a goal I will have to continually work on but by the end of the month would like this to be at least 10 consecutive days.

3. I would like to make sure I have at least 5 servings of fruit and veggies daily, which isn't typically a problem for me but sometimes is. I would prefer most servings are fresh.

4. Since I work at home one of my biggest problems is snacking so I would like to make sure I keep healthier snacks on hand and will premeasure them so I can just easily grab them.

5. I want to make sure that each day I spend at least 30 minutes in an unwind mode, listening to calming music, reading a book, soaking in the tub...just 30 minutes doing something for me in silence with no phone/cell phone and/or distraction.

Thank you again @teetee_71 for the idea.


Anonymous said...

great goals!! you can do it! :)

TeeTee_71 said...

Sounds like you have some awesome goals!! I'm sure you'll do great! I'm very happy you jumped on my goal bandwagon!! We all have room for improvement! :-)