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14 June 2009


I have gotten my mojo back with my writing and I've come up with a plan. I have set a page limit that I MUST meet each day in order to make myself happy. It's lovely to put myself back into the world of these people and tell that story.

A woman on twitter posted a comment that I printed up and taped to my monitor. It says "Editing can be tough but I love it because I know it's going to make my writing sing." I felt very inspired by that. Another author shared with me where she got her editing style and I'm going to wait until I reach the end of my writing to start the editing process and I'm a long way from finished. I'd love to finish it this summer and bedone by my birthday so that gives me about 3 months and 10 days to finish. I think I can manage that. I'd like to be done sooner but we'll see. I would like to not put pressure on myself as this is not YET my full-time job but that is my dream. I want to make a living as a published author.

This blog is short as I'm rather tired today and still need to run an errand and get more writing done but that'll have to wait until after True Blood.