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18 June 2009


In the last two days I've come to realize that I put myself under an incredible amount of pressure.

Work - I am a transcriptionist and I put so much pressure on myself that when I was called to task over a few errors yesterday I broke down sobbing. After 5 years maybe I've become a bit too complacent and need to take a step back and realize I'm not perfect and I do make mistakes and this is still a new account so I'm not failing, just learning. It was just hard to take and felt like an attack. I considered quitting but I need the money and I like what I do so it would just be a copout.

Weight loss - I'm not failing with it I just haven't had the time to dedicate like I want to. Perhaps if I didn't hit snooze for 2 HOURS each morning I'd have time to exercise early in the morning and I really need to work on that. My goal tomorrow is to get up by 8 and exercise before I start work at 9...that's the downside of working at home with no set schedule.

Writing - I think all along I've really been trying to put the cart before the horse. I have printed information about two agents I think would best represent the work I think I'll have in the end and I'm not even 1/2 done with it. I need to concentrate on the writing and the rest I can worry about later. I've got a pretty clear idea where I want to go on it from here but things change. I'll be working on it tonight and this part is pretty important to the story I think.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Thursday.


Diane said...

I'm a managing editor and do the copyediting on the magazine I work on. I'm called to task for errors on occasion and always beat myself up about it. Take a deep breath and try not to make the same mistakes twice. That's all we can do. :)
On the weight loss, I was not a get-up-early kinda girl either, but because of my work schedule, when I was training for my last race, I had no choice. Funny thing is, the day goes amazingly better when I go work out in the morning. And to do that, I get at 5:30 am, which never gets easier. Still, it's so worth it. Give it a try. You may find you like it. I never thought I would, and I love it!
And keep writing! If you love it, it will keep you going.